From Conflict to Cooperation: Making Peace at Home a Parenting Education Workshop

From conflict to cooperation (Four two-hour sessions)


Participants learn to (1) use a variety of conflict management strategies to increase parenting effectiveness; (2) analyze the situation to determine which conflict management style is most appropriate at that given time; (3) identify cooling off strategies; (4) choose consequences that are reasonable, respectful and related to the undesirable behavior; (5) use self-talk to conquer self-defeating messages; and (6) hold family meetings to solve problems and prevent conflict situations through planning.

Bedtime, chores, homework, sibling bickering...don't let these and other daily hassles bring you to the boiling point. Learn creative approaches to problem solving in your family.

This is a highly interactive parenting education workshop that engages participants to share experiences, generate ideas and evaluate options for dealing with the hassles of everyday family life, and learn new skills and techniques for preventing, defusing and managing family conflict. The agenda includes:

  • Conflict management styles for parents
  • CHOICES for managing conflict
  • Setting Consequences
  • Following through with Consequences
  • Anger: Yours and Theirs
  • Problem-solving
  • Family Meetings
  • Active Listening
  • Self-defeating Messages

To schedule this course, please contact Good Shepherd Mediation Program at (215) 843-5413.