Free Offer for your School or Youth Group

Free Impact of Auto Theft Road Show Available for your School

50% of all Pennsylvania auto theft crimes occur in Philadelphia AND most of them are commited by young people under 25.

Prepare your students to steer clear of auto-related crimes.

This FREE Road Show will educate your young people about the impact of auto-related crimes on them, the victims and the community. The Road Show features "What DO you Want?" -- a movie produced by Emmy Award nominee, Sharon Mullally.

The workshop is particularly effective for ages 10-12, although it can be adapted for any group.

The Road Show is made possible with funding from the Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Police Department, the Philadelphia Office of the District Attorney, and CORA Good Shepherd Mediation.

This 45-minute, entertaining Road Show presents:

  • The Impact of Auto Theft, Joyriding and other related crimes
  • Positive decision-making
  • Discussions stimulated by viewing "What DO You Want" -- a short documentary-style movie featuring Philadelphia kids who made split-second decisions to get involved in auto-related crimes and the impact it had on their families, their victims, the community and rest of their lives
  • Games and prizes
  • And more!

Schedule your FREE Road Show TODAY! Call 215-843-5413 and ask for Kyle or email him at

This offer is limited to schools, community-based organizations and other groups of students located in the five-county Greater Philadelphia area.