Conflict Coaching

Helping Disputants Prepare To Address Conflict Constructively When Mediation Is Declined


To prepare workshop participants to "coach" people experiencing conflict when mediation or litigation is not the answer.

Conflict resolution coaching is a conflict assessment and planning process involving a neutral "coach" and a person experiencing conflict. Conflict coaches can help disputants prepare mentally and emotionally to approach the other person involved in the conflict and develop a plan for how to address the conflict situation constructively.

The "coach" is a third-party who is not involved in the conflict and who is trained to help people involved in a conflict assess the situation. Conflict Coaching can be used when the responding party declines the invitation to mediate or when a person experiencing interpersonal conflict seeks guidance from a trained conflict coach when they are unsure how to approach the other disputant or want to increase their conflict competency to more effectively deal with day-to-day conflict situations.

Ideal for mediators, attorneys, social workers, human resource managers and others in helping professions.