Dealing Effectively with Anger


Participants learn: (1) anger is a feeling and feelings are okay; (2) anger is okay; (3) abuse and violence are not okay; (4) constructive ways to handle your own anger; (5) constructive ways to deal with other people's anger; and (6) anger rules keep everyone safe.

This three-hour workshop engages participants in discussion designed to learn from their experiences and the experiences of others in the group; self-assessment and self-reflection; mini lectures; and small-group exercises. The agenda includes:

  • What is anger?
  • How to identify personal triggers and the early stages of anger.
  • How to distinguish between emotions and behavior.
  • Healthy ways to express anger.
  • Constructive ways to defuse other people's anger.
  • Alternatives to physical and verbal violence.
  • Anger as a motivator for change.
  • Anger rules to keep everyone safe.