Effective Collaboration-Building for Community Empowerment


How to link private, public and not-for-profit organizations for a shared purpose and meet community needs through collaborative efforts.

Participants explore a step-by-step process to broker, build, bridge and benefit from service linkages in the community. Participants will practice skills and strategies through large- and small-group exercises and role-plays. The agenda includes:

  • Collaborative models
  • Assessing your needs: Defining a common vision; setting goals and objectives; en-visioning strengths, weaknesses, benefits and obstacles of forming a collaborative for community empowerment.
  • Choosing a Collaborator: Tips for identifying and uniting compatible partners.
  • Project design and implementation: How to use conflict resolution and collaborative problem-solving skills to prevent communication breakdowns, irreconcilable differences and other pitfalls of partnering.
  • Celebrating success: benefits; milestones; and implications for the future.

FEES: $200 (per hour; per trainer. Class size limited to 24 per trainer. Large groups can be accommodated with advance planning)

To schedule this course, please contact Good Shepherd Mediation Program at (215) 843-5413.