Restorative Group Conferencing

Restorative Group Conferencing offers offenders, those they have harmed and their communities of care an opportunity to meet face-to-face to discuss an offense or conflict by which all the participants have been impacted. RGC creates a structured secure environment, for participants to discuss the offense, learn how each party has been impacted and work together to resolve the incident to the greatest extent possible. In RGC offenders are held directly accountable for their actions, victims have an opportunity for healing and a voice in the justice process and the community becomes agents of support.

The RGC training is for mediators interested in facilitating Restorative Group Conferences at Good Shepherd Mediation Program. The course includes: introduction to restorative justice principles; the victim's experience; the offender's experience, guest speakers; the Restorative Group Conferencing process; the role of the facilitator; confidentiality; and RGC simulations.

Participants must attend all 24 hours to receive a Certificate of Completion