Meeting Facilitation


To learn how to run meetings using a collaborative problem-solving style.

We've all been to meetings that are well attended, productive and end on time. We've all been to meetings that are poorly attended, unproductive and waste our time.

Based on your experience attending meetings, WHAT WORKS? and WHAT DOESN'T? Join us for this interactive workshop and learn how to facilitate meetings and build consensus not tension. The topics covered include:

  • Introductory materials: Good meetings/bad meetings; types of meetings
  • Setting the Stage: conflict analysis; planning; logistics; briefing
  • Definition of Roles: facilitator; recorder; timekeeper; participants
  • Planning the Agenda
  • Conducting the Meeting: process; decision-making; dialogue vs. debate; debating with difficult people
  • Consensus Building
  • Closure and Debriefing

To schedule this course, please contact CORA Good Shepherd Mediation at (215) 843-5413.