Training & Consulting Programs

The Good Shepherd Mediation Program offers a variety of training programs for mediators, attorneys, youth, and adults.

Basic Mediation Training

This 24-hour training prepares individuals to mediate family and neighborhood issues. It is a practical, interactive, hands-on workshop.

Collaborative Problem Solving in the Workplace

The objective of this workshop is to to offer organizational leaders the skills to transform workplace conflict into an opportunity to improve communication, strengthen relationships and cultivate a climate of cooperation and productivity.

Peer Mediation

When students are involved in a dispute, they are asked if they would like a mediator to help them resolve their problem. If the disputants so choose, the mediators help them by using the mediation process to clarify the nature of the dispute, seek options, and reach a consensus on a mutually satisfactory solution.

Representing Your Client In Mediation

The goal of this training is to prepare attorneys to effectively represent their clients when mediation is a settlement option.

Restorative Group Conferencing

The RGC training is for mediators interested in facilitating Restorative Group Conferences at Good Shepherd Mediation Program. The course includes: introduction to restorative justice principles; the victim's experience; the offender's experience, guest speakers; the Restorative Group Conferencing process; the role of the facilitator; confidentiality; and RGC simulations.

Divorce & Custody Mediator Training

This five-day workshop walks participants through the process of divorce and custody mediation from the orientation session to the completed memorandum of understanding.

Youth Mediator Training

This FREE Youth Mediator Training prepares teens to facilitate the mediation process. It offers participants the opportunity to enhance their communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, writing, and decision making skills.

Mediation Orientation

This FREE mini-workshop is available for groups seeking to learn more about mediation and how it works.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Participants learn communication and conflict management skills and develop an understanding that (1) conflict is normal; (2) how we deal with conflict determines the outcome; and (3) there are positive ways to handle conflict.

Building Relationships in a Diverse Community

In this three-hour workshop, participants will reflect on their personal identity, discuss inter-group relations and communicate about what we can do to build relationships in a diverse community.

Dealing Effectively with Anger

Participants learn: (1) anger is a feeling and feelings are okay; (2) anger is okay; (3) abuse and violence are not okay; (4) constructive ways to handle your own anger; (5) constructive ways to deal with other people's anger; and (6) anger rules keep everyone safe.

Meeting Facilitation

Based on your experience attending meetings, WHAT WORKS? and WHAT DOESN'T? Join us for this interactive workshop and learn how to facilitate meetings and build consensus not tension.

Effective Collaboration-Building for Community Empowerment

How to link private, public and not-for-profit organizations for a shared purpose and meet community needs through collaborative efforts.

Parenting Education Workshop

Participants learn to (1) use a variety of conflict management strategies to increase parenting effectiveness; (2) analyze the situation to determine which conflict management style is most appropriate at that given time; (3) identify cooling off strategies; (4) choose consequences that are reasonable, respectful and related to the undesirable behavior; (5) use self-talk to conquer self-defeating messages; and (6) hold family meetings to solve problems and prevent conflict situations through planning.

Conflict Coaching: Addressing Conflict When Mediation Is Declined

The goal of this training is to prepare mediators and conflict managers how to use conflict resolution skills to "coach" people experiencing conflict when mediation or litigation is not the answer.

Advanced Training: Multi-Party Mediation and Group Facilitation

This workshop will prepare mediators for the challenges of facilitating and mediating multi-party disputes in a community setting.

Advanced Training: Elder Mediation Training

This intensive three-day training will orient experienced mediators to the kinds of issues associated with aging and the special practice issues that arise when working with older persons, their families and care givers.

Negotiating with Confidence

This workshop provides participants with the self-awareness and poise to problem-solve and bargain in any situation.

A Tonic for a Toxic Workplace

This workshop offers organizational leaders the skills to transform conflict into cooperation through collaborative problem-solving.

Advanced Training for Divorce and Custody Mediators

This workshop offers advanced training for experienced divorce and custody mediators.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Becoming a Mediator (and more

This workshop is designed to orient aspiring mediators about the nuts and bolts of building a mediation practice whether you want to volunteer, supplement your income, or become a full-time dispute resolution practitioner.

Alternatives to Violence Project

Experience the workshop developed by the Greenhaven (NY) prison inmates and Quakers in 1975 for youth coming into conflict with the law. AVP is now offered in schools, prisons, recovery programs, community settings and in over 50 countries around the world. AVP offers powerful, effective ways to deal with conflict, develop healthy relationships and enhance the safety and well-being of all. This is the first part of the AVP Training for Trainers

Restorative Practices: Promoting Peace and Community Following Harm

Participants will be introduced to restorative justice principles and receive specific training to facilitate meetings between juveniles who have been arrested for delinquent acts, their families, and those whom the juveniles have harmed. The facilitated discussions are designed to encourage the youths to take responsibility for their actions, better understand how their actions impact others, give them the opportunity to make amends with those they have harmed and their community; and make positive changes in their lives.

Family Mediator Training

Family mediator training program is a combination of role-play, lecture, simulation, discussion and videotapes.